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Repair & Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance experts and service teams stand 24 hours a day to provide immediate assistance for all your industrial cooling tower repair and maintenance needs. We supply only the highest quality items and field labor services for all makes and models of cooling towers, at competitive prices.

Inspection Service

Our post-inspection reports establish the difference between the prevailing thermal and mechanical performance as compared to the designed ratings of cooling towers. The reports give various options to increase the cooling tower performances to reduce the operational costs or to upgrade them for increased thermal loads.

We work closely with our customers to save running costs or eliminate the need to add additional cooling towers by simply upgrading the existing tower to meet the current needs.

Cooling Tower Service

We are a company with a vat cooling tower experience, providing complete systems from inlet to outlet, including design, engineering, supply and the construction of industrial cooling towers. Our cooling towers are installed in all major industries and power plants across India and abroad. A team of experienced engineers, project managers, construction superintendents, and craftsmen, combined with our financial strength, enables us to offer total solutions, and undertake total responsibility.

North Street Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd.

North Street Cooling Towers Private Limited is pioneer in designing, manufacturing and supply of RCC /Timber/FRP Cooling Towers. We render full services and support to Cooling Tower Installations.

  • C-14, Sector-22, Meerut Road Industrial Area, Ghaziabad-201003, UP, India.
  • Phone: (+91)-120-2788571-72 / (+91)-9810984090

Dorutay Mühendislik is our distributor for cooling tower spares in Turkey.

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