Maintenance / Upgradation

Cooling tower up-gradations can be considered for the following situations,

Industrial cooling towers commonly last 20 to 30 years and sometimes longer. In contrast with the technology at the time of the design and installation of the cooling tower, today’s cutting edge technological advancements can help achieve better thermal performances with the same footprint. This increment in the cooling tower performance can lead to productivity gains.

When the cooling requirements increase due to expansion and there are space constraints for a new cooling tower, up-gradations become a very viable option.

We at NSCTPL are always there to assist our customers with cooling tower up-gradations. Onsite inspections enable us to collect information for the existing cooling tower to explore the possibilities of its up-gradation to meet the new needs.

Our rich experience of cooling tower up-gradations can be demonstrated in the following references,

Essar Power Ltd, Hazira

An up-gradation on a 16 cell cooling tower with a cooling capacity of 38,400 cmh of water resulted in an increased output of 2.5 to 3MW from their steam turbine.

India Glycol Ltd, Kashipur

Splash fill of an existing cooling tower was replaced with PVC film to increase its cooling water capacity by 25% and to further reduce the cold water temperature by 1 C.

Bangkok Industrial Gases, Thailand

An RCC cooling tower was upgraded by fill and mechanical system replacement, to reduce the approach from 5.7 C to 2.5 C.

Reliance Industries Ltd, Dahej

The fill media was replaced to lower down the cooling tower approach by 1 C.

There are many other cases where we have upgraded the existing cooling towers for improved performances. Hence, if you are considering a new cooling tower, just wait and get your existing cooling tower inspected to explore the possibilities of an up-grade to meet your new requirements.

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