NSCT is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the RCC Cooling Towers, RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) Cooling Towers for numerous industrial applications like electricity generation, petroleum refining, sugar, steel, chemicals and many more.

Designing and manufacturing of RCC cooling towers is done in accordance with IS (Indian Standards)/ ACI (American Concrete Institute) standards by our experienced and skilled experts.

Following are the salient features of NSCT RCC cooling towers which make it as a huge success in process industries and power plants:

  • RCC structures are designed as per IS/ACI codes.
  • We manufacture high quality RCC induced draft cooling towers in counter flow and cross flow design.
  • Splash and Film fills of prominent quality are used to enhance performance of the cooling tower by increasing contact surface area between air and water.
  • Excellent durability of RCC in any conditions of exposure and loads ensures a very long service life.
  • Because of the RCC structure, these cooling towers can withstand high wind loads.
  • RCC, being a composite material of steel and concrete is capable of resisting compression, bending and shear forces very well.
  • RCC, having a very low co-efficient of thermal expansion performs efficiently in the most extreme climatic, where other materials may become brittle in low temperatures or may deform under high temperature.
  • Maintenance required for the RCC Cooling tower is negligible, hence cost of the project in the long run turns out to be economical.
  • To minimize the project duration, pre-casted concrete sections can be used at the time of construction.
  • The structure is not affected by UV radiation, high temperatures and does not degrade the quality of circulating water.

Our company is specialized in upgrading and overhauling old cooling towers with new and updated parts to provide better service life and performance. NSCT believes that we deliver the best material and performance to its valuable clients.

Fan Assembly
FRP / Aluminum
Fan cylinder
End wall Casing
Hollow concrete bricks/ FRP
Stair Case
Siemens / ABB / other Reputed make
Gear Box
Single or double reduction
Drive Shaft
Carbon Fiber Composite
Film fill/ Splash Fill

RCC Counter Flow Cooling Tower- 3500 CMH (Vietnam)

North Street Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd.

North Street Cooling Towers Private Limited is pioneer in designing, manufacturing and supply of RCC /Timber/FRP Cooling Towers. We render full services and support to Cooling Tower Installations.

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