About Us


North Street Cooling Towers (P) Ltd. was founded as a specialist in custom designed cooling towers for commercial and industrial purposes. The company has been at the forefront of the cooling tower industry since its inception in 1989. This has been possible due to great commitment to the company's goal, dedication for quality, united spirit for team work and working towards our aim for complete customer satisfaction. As we continue to meet the challenges of our customers for higher efficiencies and greater volumes, we have developed our own manufacturing processes in our facility of 7200 sq.yards located in the National Capital Region, well equipped with all the latest machinery and highly trained workers to provide our customers with the best in the industry. We are constantly developing new and technologically innovative solutions for a dynamic industry where nature and technology converge.


Mission Statement

With the strength to deliver and a vision to achieve at North Street Cooling Towers, our mission is to serve our customers with dedication, offering specialized services assuring quality and competitive edge, providing with the tools of trust and confidence needed to achieve our vision.

Company Expertise

With well over 1500 cooling towers built up to 500 MW capacity to our credit, our knowledge and experience in all phases of cooling tower technologies add to the development of new cooling tower designs, giving us insight to our shortcomings and strengths so that we can take on of almost any sized project.